I had the privilege of  owning my first all black German Shepherd while I was in college.  I got Baron my freshman year in 1983 in St. Louis.  I’ve had many German Shepherds since but after Baron, I realized there is something different about the all black German Shepherd.  Don’t ask me what it is…but there is definitely something different about this increasingly popular working dog.  Solid black German Shepherds are not common.  In fact, because the solid black German Shepherd is the product of recessive genes, you don’t typically find solid black German Shepherds.

After talking with numerous people all over the world and making numerous trips to kennels all over, I met Vincent Tran.  Our common passion was an incredible all black German Shepherd working dog named Paska vom Salztalblick that had died a few years earlier.  I already had a Paska daughter (Olympia) and a Paska grand daughter (Karli aka Beauty) and Vincent had a number of Paska offspring.  Vincent became a good friend quickly and he began sharing his experience traveling all over Europe and Germany, living and spending weeks with the top breeders in all of Europe including a lot of that time in Germany, studying their methods first hand and what he learned while importing the best dogs available.  I purchased some of the top dogs from Vincent including Unkas and Beniti.  And so began  my breeding line, exclusively based on Paska vom Salztalblick and reproducing with almost carbon copy like accuracy using the most respected scientific method consisting of Mendalian genetics, replicas of quite possibly the best all solid black German Shepherd dog that has ever lived.

Even though we started out with the plan of only breeding the solid black German Shepherd, we had a few bi-colored pups sired by another Paska son, V Enno vom Johannisholzchen, SchH3, IPO2, FH1 Kk1 who was still in Germany.  These bi-colored dogs are so beautiful, that we decided we would start breeding blacks and bi-colored.  And since Enno is also one of the world’s top living German Shepherds, we bought him as well.  So now, we had to change our website name since we don’t just have solid black German Shepherds anymore.  We hope you enjoy our new website for our kennels:

What we have done is tried to create the absolute best place for people to buy German Shepherd puppies.  Even though you can find German Shepherd puppies for sale virtually anywhere, you will not find German Shepherd breeders that are exclusively dealing with German Shepherd pups for sale that are only all black German Shepherds from sires and dams that are V rated, KK1, fully titled, with 100% German German Shepherd pedigrees that go back generations and generations with incredible dogs in the ancestry.

You can learn more about German Shepherds by doing a simple google search but if you want to get information about the difference between a German German Shepherd and an American German Shepherd, then talk to any trainer that has ever competed or trialed a dog and they will tell you the difference.  Most dog breeders have their own thoughts and philosophies on breeding but German Shepherd breeders who are breeding working dogs are specifically trying to breed German Shepherds that have outstanding bites, temperament and dispositions.

Having puppies for sale is one thing, but if you’re truly trying to improve the breed, then you may find that you only have a few pups for sale at one time and at other times, you may have many puppies for sale.  The point is that having German Shepherd puppies for sale should not be the focus of a German Shepherd breeder.  This may at first sound redundent.  However, the goal of any breeder, not just German Shepherd breeders, should be to IMPROVE the breed.  Those puppies that are not going to be ideal for improving the breed, can be sold with the rest of the puppies retained for training, working and most importantly, for breeding in order to improve the breed.

Our goal is NOT to be the biggest German Shepherd breeder.  In fact, that has never been of interest to us.  Our goal, since this went from hobby to passion for us, has always been to become the BEST German Shepherd breeder.  But specifically, we chose to pursue the goal to become the best solid black German Shepherd breeder because we found the black German Shepherds not only unique, but we found them to be the most attractive and the most intimidating of all the German Shepherds.  And of all the black German Shepherds out there, one legendary solid black German Shepherd stood out among all the rest, V Paska vom Salztalblick.

Paska was a poven producer of temperament, drive and strong working ability.  The parents in our 2 – 3 line bred litters are “V” rated in conformation, KKl1, SchH/IPO III, with FH I titles. This insures the German Shepherd puppies for sale or that we retain, will consistently be uniform.  They are all of the absolute “best of the best” blood lines, not only in the ancestory but in their own immediate parents as well.  We try to use both parents who have shown very high working scores and both are proven producers of great health, hips and elbows with multi-generational excellence behind them.  We have breeding pairs using this particular breeding technique that have been very successful at reproducing virtual “Paska’s”.

Paska had hundreds of progeny but he had 3 sons that have distinguished themselves from the rest in our opinion.  We are extremely fortunate and proud to say that we have the blood of all 3 of these outstanding sons in our line of dogs and we are exclusively the only kennel in the wold that can say that we have the blood of Unkas, Nolan and Enno (all son’s of Paska) in our line.  We pursued all 3 dogs very aggressively for our breeding program.  You will find them on “Our Breeding Studs” tab but in a nutshell, Unkas is here with us and is our main stud dog.  Enno was purchased successfully but 2 weeks prior to his leaving Germany for his new home with us in NC, Enno died of a heart attack.  Nolan, who was the last Paska son we wanted, even though we thought we had successfully acquired him, is still in Germany.  At the last minute, the owner changed his mind and decided to keep this wonderful specimen.  However, we have 3 excellent females we have bred to Nolan to bring his blood into our line.

But of all these 3 sons, our most favorite and the best in our opinion, is Unkas!  Why?  Well, you look at him and you’ll see why!  V Unkas vom Riedschlurgi, SchH3, KK1, FH1.  Unkas is larger than his father, has incredible drive, absolutely beautiful temperament, perfect socialization, the most gorgeous and outstandingly stunning head, massive musculature, all combined with the ability to “turn it on” and “turn it off”, sweet disposition, the gentleness of a lap dog and with the playfulness of a puppy.  He is truly one of a kind and we have built our entire program around Unkas and his sire, Paska, with accentuation from Nolan and Enno, both phenomenal half brothers to Unaks.