Why Buy From Us?




The following has been asked of me a number of times in the past so I’ve taken the liberty to repeat this information in a few places on this website.  Why did you decide to breed all black shepherds?  The reason in a nutshell, was a dog named Paska.

I had the privilege of owning my first all black German Shepherd while I was in college.  I got Baron my freshman year in 1983 in St. Louis.  I’ve had many German Shepherds since but after Baron, I realized there is something different about the all black German Shepherd.  Don’t ask me what it is…but there is definitely something different about this increasingly popular working dog.

After talking with numerous people all over the world and making numerous trips to kennels all over, I met Vincent Tran.  Our common passion was an incredible all black German Shepherd working dog named Paska vom Salztalblick that had died a few years earlier.  I already had a Paska daughter (Olympia) and a Paska grand daughter (Karli aka Beauty) and Vincent had a number of Paska offspring.

Vincent became a good friend quickly and he began sharing his experience traveling all over Europe and Germany, living and spending weeks with the top breeders in all of Europe including a lot of that time in Germany, studying their methods first hand and what he learned while importing the best dogs available.  I purchased some of the top dogs from Vincent including Unkas and Beniti.  And so began my breeding line, exclusively based on Paska vom Salztalblick and reproducing with almost carbon copy like accuracy using the most respected scientific method consisting of Mendalian genetics, replicas of quite possibly the best all black German Shepherd dog that has ever lived.

But we didn’t just stop there!

Today, we only breed the best of the best, all black, 100% German stock, working dog lines.  All our breeding animals are fully titled (SchH3/IPO3, all Kkl1 and all are V rated).  If they don’t meet this highly exclusive criteria, we simply do not include them in our breeding program.  This goes for both the Sire’s and the Dams.  No one else in the world can provide this level of “credentialed” parents in both the mother and father of ALL the puppies they sell in the black German Shepherd line.
We use the best of Mendalian genetics to produce generically superior dogs by using 2-3 line breeding techniques proven successful by the top German breeders, specializing in the 2-3 breeding of 4 specific dogs:  the legendary V Paska vom Salztalblick, V Unkas vom Riedschlurgi, V Bomber vom Wolfsheim and V Nolan vom alten Wingertshaus.  These 4 dogs in our opinion, are arguably among the most distinguished all black German Shepherds of the last 15 years.  There are others, and we have used them to improve our already extraordinary lines, but these 4 dogs are what we are combining to create the best of best using the proven, true and tried methods of extraordinary breeding.

There are many people selling German Shepherds all over the country.  So why should you buy your German Shepherd puppy from us?  What makes us different from the rest?  Well, we can’t talk about others.  But we just gave you some of the reasons that distinguish us from the rest of the breeders in the world.  However, listed below are the top 11 reasons which distinguish us from the rest.  Do your homework and then you decide for yourself :

1.  We specialize in only the legendary V Paska vom Salztalblick Line.  Our dogs are bred specifically to reproduce Paska, with our litters highly consistent for producing virtual “Paskas” and with our goal to further improve the quality of these incredible all black German Shepherd dogs.  We breed with the intention and hope that we may even produce a dog better than the legendary Paska who was and continues to be an internationally well recognized and highly distinguished working dog that happened to be an “all black” German Shepherd.  Although we specialize only in all black German Shepherds, we may occasionally have a bi-colored but that is because some of our litters may have an occasional non-black dog.  However, we specialize in the all black German Shepherd only.  The reason lies in the fact the black gene is recessive, and if you want to truly improve the breed using a recessive gene, you MUST pick the best of the best and isolate the incredible from the good…and build from there.

2.  We believe in this line so much, that we even bought the same stud that the world famous Salztalblick Kennels in Germany used for over 2 years.  This incredibly muscular V rated, KK1, SchH 3, FH 1 all black Paska son that has ended up becoming my own personal dog is V Unkas vom Riedschlurgi.  Unkas has been considered among certain Paska enthusiasts to be among the top 3 Paska sons of all time.  With his incredible temperament and superior size, I think he is clearly the top Paska son.  Besides our V Unkas vom Riedschlurgi, other top Paska sons including V Unkas vom SalztalblickV Nolan vom alten WingertshausV Enno vom Johannisholzchen and V Nino von der Salztal Hohe are all included in our exclusive, one of a kind, world recognized breeding program.

3.  We feed all our dogs “raw”, with no grains, fillers, preservatives, etc.  This allows us to make 100% 1 year health guarantees.  In addition, all our dogs get one or two raw, organic, range free eggs daily. Guarantee is only if dogs are fed raw.  We will offer a 2 year health, hips, elbows and eyes guarantee but the dogs will cost a bit more.  And in the rare event (which has yet to occur) where you have an issue, we will replace the dog with another puppy of equal or greater value.  Any and all issues resulting in a replacement puppy must be verified by two independent vets.  And “NO”, you don’t have to give us your original dog back.  You can keep them as well, assuming you will still want to and are willing to take care of the original dog.

4.  Our dogs are 100% all German stock (with NO American blood lines) with the vast majority having SV Pink papers and imported directly from Germany.  The ones that are not from Germany, are 100% of German stock and were either bred by us or for us using 100% German lines.  We have absolutely NO American blood lines involved anywhere in our breeding program.  We are 100% West German lines with a rare and occasional Chez or East German dog (but they have to be extraordinary for us to bring the blood line into our breeding program…and it must fit with the Paska line).  Buying a puppy from us is like buying the absolute best from Germany…the only difference is that the Germans won’t sell you their best (they keep them for themselves) and you don’t have to pay $2000.00 to ship the dog from Germany.  How can I say that to buy a dog from us is like buying a dog from Germany?  Because our breeding stock was the breeding stock from Germany.  How many other registered German Stud dogs are there in the USA?  All of our breeding stock came from Germany, was trained in Germany, was V rated in Germany, was Kore klased in Germany and was titled in Germany.

5.  We only breed the best with the best, as you can see for yourself.  We breed only SchH 3 and/or IPO 3 males to SchH 3 and/or IPO 3 females.  In fact, all our males AND our females are V rated dogs, Kk1, SchH 3 and / or IPO3 dogs.  To find breeding dogs that are V rated (the rare and highest rating of “excellence in structure”) , KK1 (highest in koerklasse or breed survey), fully titled dogs with SchH 3 or IPO 3 titles is not common.  To find this in both the sire and the dam is extremely rare.  Look for yourself….with the exception of my friend Vincent, NO one has ALL of their breeding males AND females that have achieved SchH 3 / IPO 3, Kk1, V rated status.

6.   There is nobody else in the entire world doing what we are doing with the all black German Shepherd exclusively with the Paska line!  In fact, there is no breeder in the world that is exclusively breeding only black dogs that are Kk1, V rated, SchH 3 dogs.  And there is no one that has the quality of all black German Shepherds that we have in North America.  We challenge you to find any other breeder in the United States that exclusively breeds all black German Shepherds, and uses ONLY males and females that are V rated, Kk1 and fully titled with SchH3 or IPO3 titles.   You won’t find ANY!  And we are the ONLY ones that are doing this exclusively with all black German Shepherds.

7.  All our puppies are acclimated to our own family members (including children) as well as other animals including other dogs, cats, horses, chickens, goats and many other animals and situations at an early age so that they become used to being around other animals and situations.  Look at our home page to see a sampling of what we expose our puppies to so as to acclimate them to all environments they may encounter in their new homes.  We have even used eland, black buck, donkeys and zebra along with chickens, cats and other dogs to expose them to various other animals, sights, sounds, smells and situations while still puppies.  See our page on imprinting and development.

8.  We use the same breeding techniques as the best German breeders to reproduce quality dogs, using Mendel’s theory of genetics.  This is something that is rarely done in the USA since most breeders don’t understand or recognize the importance of this line breeding technique.  More over, most breeders are in the “business” of selling puppies.  We are not in that “business”…this is our hobby and has now turned into our passion.  We are doing this to “improve” the breed and achieve the next level of excellence in the all Black German Shepherd dog.

9.  We breed specifically for the working dog line, with attention to large bone structure, bite, head, speed, drive, temperament and disposition.  Many talk about these things, but don’t truly understand how to best derive these desirable characteristics in a breeding program.  For example, I have heard from many breeders in the USA that large German Shepherds are frowned upon by judges and a male will be disqualified if over 85 or 90 lbs.  Yet, the top German studs are all over 90 lbs.  Our Unkas is just one of many examples. One of our other stud dogs we’ve bred to and on this site (who we have purchased and will be arriving in the fall of 2012), is V Enno vom Johannisholzchen (98 lbs).  Enno is also a Paska son and half brother to Unkas, and is just another such example.  Again, both of these are dogs are V rated, KK1, SchH 3, FH 1 titled, and are registered in the official German stud book www.okyro.de/Deckrueden.htm – Translate this page.  How many US breeders are using top stud dogs registered in the German Stud Dog registry?  Those who are not (95% or more) will give you all the reasons in the world why they are not.  But the real truth is, they just simply don’t have access to these top dogs!

10.  All our breeding dogs have the highest ratings for hips and elbows (A1 normal).  We further guarantee our puppies’ hips for 1 year as long as they are fed a raw diet (see requirements).  However, hips also depends on what you do with and too the dog.  See our hip dysplasia info page.  (See No. 3 above for more details on the specifics of our guarantee).

11.  We are not in the “business” of producing a lot of dogs.  We only breed top quality, highly intelligent, perfectly balanced temperament dogs that are intense workers when needed to have it “turned on” and totally calm when they are needed to be “turned off”.  We do this because we love the breed and especially, the all black German Shepherds.  As we’ve stated, this has now turned from being our hobby to being our passion.  We take exceptional pride in every puppy we breed because we know each of these dogs has the potential to perhaps one day, exceed their legendary grand-father.  But certainly, they will all be successful in any working environment and will exceed virtually all expectations their new owners will have of them.

We are very thorough in what we do.  Simply stated, we don’t HAVE to sell any of our dogs because we’ve been blessed by having the luxury to keep them all if we so desire.  Some breeders have already purchased dogs from our lines for their own breeding programs.  The retained puppies which we occasionally do keep, are trained for protection and obedience and sold for three to four times the amount at around a year of age to pursue careers in personal protection, law enforcement, military, search and rescue and other canine working lines.  Those that are exceptionally special are retained for high level competition and / or for our own breeding program.  Incidentally, we do offer a military and law enforcement discount of 10% on all puppies we breed (not applicable to dogs over 9 months old).

We sincerely believe we have the absolute best all Black German Shepherds in the USA.  Whether you are looking for an incredible companion dog or a competition dog, a personal protection dog or a new family addition, we welcome you to come and visit us at The Meadows (Kennel von Wiese) and decide for yourself.  In fact, we insist that you NOT take our word for it…instead, come visit and reach your own conclusion.


Most recently, I have been told by no less than 3 breeders (all in the USA) that in fact, in the next few years, our kennels may end up being the only kennel in the world that has preserved the Paska blood line to this extensive level because it is getting diluted out with the many combinations of dogs from other lines.  We are VERY proud of this fact.  And that is the very reason we are continuing to search for the top Paska offspring that are still viable and the grand puppies of this exceptional dog that have proven themselves by achieving top ratings in the competition ring as well as received the top ratings in conformation and breed survey so that we can include them in our world class breeding program.  We can already truly claim we HAVE improved the breed by keeping the best of Paska’s blood line continued in the breed  But we want to continue to do so for the next 50 years and further continue to distinguish our dogs from the rest (See About the Paska Line).

Why is BREEDING so important?

There are 3 different criteria that define a phenomenal German Shepherd, criteria that causes a person to say “hey, that’s a good dog” versus “oh my God, that’s an increadible dog”!  It is the difference that explains why we have been stopped outside the cargo area of an airport by another German Shepherd breeder while picking up one of our dogs coming in from Germany and asked, “My God, where did you get him from?  I’ve never seen such a gorgeous dog”.

Breeding is the most important of these 3 criteria because it’s the only one of the 3 criteria that you can NOT control.  The 3 criteria are the following:

1. Environment – How you raise your dog, ie, that they were properly imprinted, received affection and love and proper conditioning as they grew, is raised properly in a safe environment without stress or fear, how he or she is kept (are they tied to a tree or kept in a crate all the time or are they normally housed in 15′ by 30′ kennel or left to run 30 acres for example).  How are they fed?  What are they fed?  How consistently are they exercised?  These types of things make a HUGE difference.  There are many things that are included in this category but essentially, it is one third of what will determine the true potential of your dog.  And this factor, you alone control.

2. Training – How you train your dog, was it using positive feedback techniques or negative feedback techniques. How old was the dog when they started training.  Dogs, like humans, will develop at different rates of growth.  Some develop faster than others.  Were they trained as they developed or was pressure applied too early.  That can sometimes kill a dog’s spirit.  What type of training was done, what age it was initiated and how intense the training was can all be contributing facts.  For example, it is far better to train a dog for 10 to 15 minutes at a time but do it three times throughout the day than to train a dog for one hour a day.  This is also one third of what will determine the true potential of your dog.  And this factor as well you control.

3. Breeding – This is the one factor you can NOT control.  Either you get a dog that came from the result of a good breeding.  Or you didn’t!  And although this also only represents one third of what will eventually define your dog, it is the most crucial.  Here is why.  Remember, if you have the BEST environment for your dog (33.3 out of 33.3…in other words maximum score of 1/3 for the best possible dog) and the absolute BEST training for your dog (another maximum score of 33.3 out of 33.3) but the wrong breeding (0 out of 33.3), then you just got a 66% grade.  Thats a grade that is below average (D).  In some schools, it’s failing because a passing grade is considered a 70% or C (average).

The majority of breedings in the USA are at best, a 10 to 15 when rated on a scale of 33.3.  Most of that is because so many people are “back yard” breeders and have just simply put one male with another female to breed them and then sell the puppies to make some extra money.  Unfortunately, many “breeders” are the same way…not all, but most.  They may look at a dog and the pedigree and look for good dogs to breed to their own dogs.  But again, they are simply “combining” good dogs to get puppies that they can sell and make a business out of it.  They may be better than the back yard breeders in that they may look for a good dog and check for hip dyplasia, but they are approaching it simply from a business perspective.

Technically, we are a “back yard” breeder as well…but our back yard is 30 acres in a very urban environment, full of exotic animals from all over the world, situated 20 minutes from downtown Charlotte, NC and 20 minutes from an international airport.  And it also so happens that we are not professional breeders that are doing this as a living…we’re doing this as a hobby.  We do this NOT because we HAVE to, but because we love too and because we believe that the solid black German Shepherd is the best dog anyone could ever own.  Yes, on very rare occasion, we may have a bi-colored puppies (see Enno) …and they are beautiful as well…but we are focused on the all black German Shepherd dogs first and foremost.  And as with any hobby, you put money into it because you love it…not because you’re obligated to or have to do so.  We love art and have collected many pieces of fine art over the years from all over the world.  For us, breeding the best all black German Shepherd puppies is like developing and collecting the best art collection.

One last thing….the following NY Times link will show you what someone recently spent to buy an executive protection dog.  This puts everything into perspective.  You can always spend $230,000.00 on a fully trained executive protection dog like this…OR…you can buy a black German Shepherd puppy of defined and proven genetic superiority, with both parents proven for the highest level of competition and work (not to mention having a seriously intense and intimidating look) for less than 1.5% of this cost, then have them trained by a top level executive protection dog training expert and save yourself a small fortune.  Many will tell you that the risk you take is that the puppy won’t have “what it takes”.  That is true…but that’s where our breeding comes into play.  Our breeding using the best, proven males with the best, proven females, using the correct Mendalian genetic breeding techniques, will all but guarantee that you WILL get more puppy than what you ever expected or hoped to have found.

NOTE:  This is not our picture…but we love it!  It shows the essence of why we love this unique subset of the best breed of dog (german shepherds), have chosen to exclusively breed the all black german shepherd and what we believe makes the black German Shepherd so unique. 

  Just one of many reasons to own a Black German Shepherd!